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Sonicare 5300 Review

Sonicare 5300

The Sonicare 5300 is known as the Sonicare Essence for its graceful engineered design and intuitive brushing technology at a low and affordable entry level price.   The Sonicare 5300 features a slim design handle which is easy to use and comfortable for individuals with small oral areas that are normally difficult to reach with larger toothbrushes.

The two minute timer is a basic one but functions to train cleaning for up to the minimum recommended time by oral health care professionals.  The deliberate lack of elite performance features is designed to entice first time users to the benefits of Sonicare sonic cleaning technology.  Consequently this toothbrush holds a charge for more than two weeks which makes it an affordable travel toothbrush.

The Sonicare 5300 Features

  • The soft grip handle is comfortable and safe to use
  • Fully charged unit can be used up to two weeks without recharging! Perfect for travel.
  • Formidable tooth whitening and brightening power in as little as twenty eight (28) days of use
  • Compact charger, brush and travel case included
  • Basic two minute built in timer keeps it simple while ensuring appropriate minimal cleaning time

The Sonicare 5300 Review

Pro: I’ve been using this brush for two months and I really like it.  I got tired of hearing my friends tell me how great their Sonicare toothbrushes were and I wanted to try it out but I wasn’t about to drop more than $150 on a toothbrush nor can I afford to.  The model 5300 was right in my price range which I thoroughly appreciated.  I have to admit though now that I am using it I am considering buying another more elite model of the Sonicare toothbrushes and keeping this one aside for traveling.  You almost never need to recharge it which is good, since I forget to put it back on the charger all the time!

Con: If you are going to offer a cheap model version of your products the least you can do is make it look as swanky as the other models.  This design just screams “CHEAP!” when you look at it.  Why bother?  It just makes you feel like you weren’t good enough to afford the real Sonicare brushes so they made this stripped down version for us financially strapped folks.  It doesn’t have enough features to warrant the investment in it even though it is economically priced and maybe that’s the point.  To make us want one of the better ones instead.  Good marketing!

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