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Sonicare A Series Review

Sonicare A Series

The Sonicare A Series is known as the Sonicare Advanced and features optimum cleaning performance in a compact size.  The toothbrush design is very well suited to a smaller mouth and are frequently used for adolescents or individuals with small oral cavities.   Extra soft bristles are also ideal for sensitive teeth and gum’s.

The Sonicare Advanced is an economical option and trimmed down with fewer features than other Sonicare products which makes it the perfect second Sonicare for your home and ideal for travel.

Sonicare A Series Features

  • Toothbrush comes standard with two replacement brush heads
  • Compatible with all Advance Series rechargeable toothbrushes
  • Bristles feature eight extra soft rows or rounded cleaning power
  • Equipped with color bands to assign to various family members

Sonicare A Series Review

Pro: It’s a great brush at a great price.

Con: Still over priced for what it offers but it is good that they are offering multiple price points.

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