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Sonicare Elite Toothbrush Heads Review

The Sonicare Elite Brush Heads

The Sonicare Elite Toothbrush Heads are the replacement brushes for the Elite series toothbrushes, on of Sonicares best selling rechargeable toothbrush.

Sonicare Elite Toothbrush Heads Features

  • Available in the basic edition model (shown) 5000
  • Available in the luxury model 7000 with many time saving and oral health enhancing features
  • Very effective tooth whitening tool
  • Includes two brush heads (compact and standard) to accommodate a variety of mouth and jaw sizes
  • Variable speed setting (maximum clean to gentle)
  • Warranty and 28-day money back guarantee if not satisfied

Sonicare Elite Toothbrush Heads Review

Pro: The Sonicare Elite is in my opinion the best product in the Sonicare series.  These replacement heads are always easy to find which must mean that this model is pretty popular.  I can see why.  I’ve been happily using mine for the last six months and would never change back to manual brushing again!

Con: I’m a smoker and while I noticed a bit of a lightening after using the Elite it was not what I had hoped it would be.  It didn’t do much to lift tobacco stains on my teeth frankly.  I was disappointed.

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