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Sonicare HX6932 Review

The Sonicare HX6932

The Sonicare HX6932 is a model in the Flexcare series featuring state of the art technology for customized home dental care.  Utilizing sonic technology the brush head creates 31,000 strokes per minute for superior loosening and removal of built up plaque and bacteria, as well as whitening teeth by lifting stains.

The patented UV sanitizer eliminates almost 100% of bacteria on the brush head in the UV chamber within ten minutes and then hygienically stores the brush for next time use.  Personal cleaning cycles are programmed to offer an express cleaning and a thorough cleaning duration option.

Three color coded rings are included in order to assign specific brush heads to different family members allowing the household to share one base and charger which saves on space and money.  The Sonicare HX6932 comes with a compact travel charger as well.

Sonicare HX6932 Features

  • Proven to remove more than twice the plaque as manual brushing
  • Available with three brushing speed modes
  • Two personal cleaning cycles including an express mode (Go Care) for a one minute duration and Max Care for a three minute full cleaning duration
  • Smartimer technology ensures that the minimum two minutes cleaning time is achieved
  • 31,000 brush strokes per minutes
  • Includes UV sanitizer to kill bacteria in ten minutes
  • Includes compact travel charger
  • Three color coded rings for identification and family use

Sonicare HX6932 Review

Pro: It’s not my favorite toothbrush but I think it’s a really good one.  Some of my friends own this one and they seem to be very pleased with it.

Con: I actually find this toothbrush to be stressful.  My wife bought it and she loves it but every time I look at it I think of all the buttons and it just seems so elaborate.  I just want to brush my teeth and get going.  I don’t like complicated things.

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