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Sonicare Intelliclean Review

Sonicare Intelliclean

The Sonicare Intelliclean features a product designed in cooperation with Crest for a superior professional home dental system.   A slick contemporary design and zip up carrying or travel case is popular with consumers and is recommended for use with the Crest liquid toothpaste (and can be found inclusive of the toothpaste in promotional packages).  It features the first rechargeable toothbrush design that has the integrated liquid toothpaste dispenser at the push of a button.

Sonicare Intelliclean Features

  • Deep cleaning
  • Integrated liquid toothpaste dispenser
  • Smartimer provides two minutes of recommended cleaning time
  • Quadpacer assists by breaking down cleaning time into four even intervals for effective cleaning
  • Dual speed controls for custom cleaning (gentle or standard strength)

Sonicare Intelliclean Review

Pro: This is so cool! I saw it in Walmart and I thought that this was definitely going to be my next toothbrush.  I love everything about it from the narrow base (which looks like it would be a lot harder to tip than some of the rectangular bases that Sonicare normally provides) to the blue coloration.  It looks very clinical and high tech.  And a toothbrush that dispenses it’s own toothpaste! OMG! Wicked.  The set comes with a starter kit of the liquid toothpaste which I haven’t tried yet but I’m sure it’s going to be great.  I’d be interested in hearing from people who have already tried this product because it looks awesome and it’s on my wish list.

Con: Was so excited to see this in the store until I saw the price tag.  I thought that if Crest was involved it might be more affordable for the average person but this toothbrush is still well over $120 which places it out of reasonable reach for most budgets, particularly if you want to buy one for the whole family.  Fail.  Give us a break please and put some of your cooler products within price reach of the average Joe.

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