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Sonicare ProResults Review

Sonicare ProResults

The Sonicare ProResults toothbrush is one of the more popular products in the Philips Sonicare family of oral hygiene products.  It features five cleaning modes for a variety of cleaning options including a gentle stimulating massage which encourages blood circulation in dental gum’s which is known to strengthen the overall health of gum’s preventing inflammation.

Sonicare ProResults Features

  • Sonicare ProResults brush is a larger surface brush head that cleans more effectively
  • More environmentally friendly than other rechargeable toothbrushes
  • The push on connector prevents the build up of debris at the junction of toothbrush head and base
  • Five cleaning modes including; daily, gentle (for sensitive teeth) whitening, and massage
  • Sweeps debris away from the gum lines to prevent inflammation such as gingivitis

Sonicare ProResults Review

Pro: I usually buy the five pack of brush heads which is about $50 taxes included.  Sonicare recommends that you change your toothbrush head once every three months so a five pack lasts me well over a year.  I figure the Sonicare toothbrush costs me about $4 per month ongoing cost and that is a small price to pay for healthy teeth and gum’s in my books.

Con: A great toothbrush until you factor in the cost of replacement heads.  When I bought the toothbrush I thought it would be something like a one time investment in a quality item that I could keep using.  I was lucky and able to get it on sale through Amazon for fairly cheap and so I took advantage of t he opportunity.  But then the toothbrush heads quickly add up in price.  I find myself using them longer which I know isn’t good simply because they are so expensive.  Smarten up Sonicare.  You either need to make the brushes last longer or make them less expensive if you really want people to keep using the product!

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