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Sonicare Replacement Brushes Review

The Sonicare Replacement Brushes are designed to be replaced on Sonicare rechargeable toothbrushes every three months as per manufacturers recommendations.  Sonicare replacement brushes are available for purchase online and in many upper scale drug stores and retail outlets such as Walmart.

Sonicare Replacement Brushes Features

  • Manufacturer recommends changing every three months
  • E Series brush heads are compatible with Sonicare Elite, Xtreme, Essence and Advance systems and feature rippled bristles designed to clean in hard to reach areas and tooth angles
  • ProResults brush heads are compatible with the FlexCare and FlexCare+ as well as the HealthyWhite Sonicare handles with contoured bristles designed to sweep plaque right to the gum line
  • HydroClean brush heads are an alternative options for FlexCare, FlexCare+ and HealthyWhite systems  and features a rubberized insert in the brush to propel toothpaste and fluid further into the mouth with force offering some of the same penetration and benefits as tooth flossing
  • All Sonicare brush heads feature travel caps and indicator bristles that change color when it is time to replace the brush head (every three months)

Sonicare Replacement Brushes Review

Pro: I’m so glad my friend turned me on to Sonicare products.  My mouth has never been healthier and my problem with bad breath is pretty much gone now.  I can’t say enough good things about Sonicare.

Con: I find that a lot of toothpaste and residue gets built up where the toothbrush heads and the base of the toothbrush come together.  They should work on it.  It’s hard to clean and I’m sure it makes it full of bacteria.  It’s a bit gross.

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